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Bomber Bot

Bomber Bot

Jack Vertrees of Fun Biz Games
Visit: http://www.funbizgames.8m.com

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Bomber Bot is kind of like the popular Bomberman games.
You play Bomber Bot, a robot who has found himself stranded on an odd planet. The game is over once you reach the last level. You do so by blowing up the rocks and other obstacles in your way. That may seem easy at first, but there are hostile aliens thrughout the planet. You can blow them up too. But watch out they can hurt you if you get too close. This doesn't mean that you blow everything up in sight. If you get too close to one of your bombs when it goes off, then you lose a health point. So plan what rocks you want to blow up beforehand. You also have to be sure not to blow up the good aliens. You can probabley tell which are good and which are bad. You'll lose a health point every time you kill a good one.
Every level has an exit point that you much reach. How you get there is entirely up to you. The exit points take you to the next zone, some of which are very odd.
Use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to drop bombs. The game is very simple and easy. Have fun! BOMBS AWAY!!

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